Question on Make Copy Stack w/ Photo


Recently converted to digitalising films using my Sony mirrorless and I enjoy using Negative Lab Pro.

When I make a copy (TIFF) choosing “Stack w/ Photo”, I can see the stacking icons in the Gallery but when I expand the Stack, I cannot see the copied version.

Any advise on this is greatly appreciated!


Make sure in the library module that you are viewing the folder itself or “all photographs” – you will not be able to see stacked photos while in the “import” folder or in a collection. I’m not sure why Lightroom does this.


Thank you Nate. I organise mine into Collections. It is strange and must have a reason why it won’t allow stacks while view Collections.


I think technically the new photo that’s in the stack isn’t part of that collection. It’d be ace if part of the script that creates the tiff copy would add the newly created positive tiff copy into all occurrences of that image in any collections and also sync it if sync for the original image was turned on.