Positive-tiff copy not appearing in collection

When I am working in a collection and am generating a positive tiff copy (stacked to the original), it does not appear in the collection. I have to go back to the folder it has been saved to and add it by hand to the collection. This prevents an efficient workflow, when working with collections.
Tiff files generated when editing an image in photoshop appear in the collection they were generated from.
Is there a simple way to have positive tiff copies appear in the collection they were generated from?
If not, this would be an appreciated feature to be implemented.
Thanks for a quick answer.

Solution found:
Under «Positive Copy Tips and Tricks» in the NLP guide, Nate mentions that positive copies cannot be seen when one is in “collection view”. I wasn’t aware of this when I put the entry in the “Troubleshooting and Bugs” section of the forum. So, the fact that positive copies do not appear in the collection they were generated from is not really a bug, but rather a design flaw.

My workflow heavily depends on collections and I imagine that for many other users this is also the case. I have hundreds of scanned negatives in various folders on disk. After developing them batchwise with NLP, I collect the ones I choose for further adjustment in a collection. Whenever it is necessary to apply some tools from Lightroom, a positive copy is needed and when generating one, it should be part of the working collection. Otherwise, such a workflow is strongly impaired.

After searching the internet for a solution, I did find a workaround. Do not generate the positive copy with the “Export” command but with the “Edit in” command. To do so, you need to generate a photoshop action (only content can be a close command), turn it into a photoshop droplet and add it in the Lightroom Preferences as an “Additional External Editor” according to the easy to follow descriptions at Create your own Lightroom Plug-ins with Photoshop Droplets — Thomas Fitzgerald Photography.

Whenever you want to make a positive copy, right-click or control-click the image and choose your droplet under “Edit in”. The copy is generated in the original folder and appears in the collection it was generated from. Hope this helps others as well as did help me.