Quick Undo and Color Slider Reset

I’ve absolutely loved working with NLP, it’s been a great tool that’s made editing quick and easy. A few suggestions to make editing even faster.

One feature I’d like to suggest would be a quick key for undo. I often times will adjust a slider and then want to go back and check how it compares to the previous value of that slider. If i’m working quick, I don’t always look at said value first. The ability to undo an action would be great (maybe this already exists?), and in quick key form even better.

Reset film/color values per tab: It would be great to have the ability to quickly clear the high/mid/shadow/film values with a separate reset button rather than resetting the entire image. This way I can reset the color balance when working on different images after loading my default preset but keep the brightness through black sliders at their current values. I just learned through reading this forum that by clicking the function title (for example “brightness”), it will reset the slider value 0 but I don’t believe this works for color sliders. I was going to suggest the lightroom style double click on the slider to reset as a feature throughout, but I read that’s not possible.

I believe this has been suggested before but it would be great to be able to save multiple user made “preset” edits rather than just one default edit. This would save time searching through images to save and then load edits.