User Interface improvements

My number one complaint is lack of an “Undo” command that would instantly undo the last step. Being able to unapply and reapply the last step is invaluable both for evaluating the success of that adjustment and for efficiency of workflow.

If I make color adjustments using the Temp/Tint sliders, resulting in *Custom white balance - and then decide to check and see what the Kodak white balance looks like - how do I get back to the custom settings I had before they were overwritten by the Kodak settings? My first preference would be to Undo the Kodak step. If not that, then selecting *CUSTOM from the WB dropdown menu should revert to my previous custom WB settings, but no, the Kodak settings have replaced them.

When making the initial conversion, time and time again, I click [Apply] when I really want to [Convert Negatives]. Something about that blue button for Apply demands it to be clicked.

If I click the “Save” icon, there is no feedback that I have done so.


+1 for an undo, and for being able to go back to the suggested ‘custom’ setting after trying another one.
Kudos on the latest version update Nate.

I just accidentally clicked ‘sync settings’ instead of the next arrow 2/3rds of the way through converting/editing a 36-frame roll, which synced that photo’s edit to all the other photos. I had to reconvert all the photos in the roll and redo each photo, since there was no undo (unless i’m missing it).

These are all great suggestions, thank you! :pray:

Yep, something I’m working to add for v3.0

Yes, currently "CUSTOM" does not persist. But I can add this to the list for v3.0.

I’m somewhat limited here by the Lightroom SDK. Frustratingly, I can’t change the color or size of buttons in the plugin UI. But I may be able to find a better way to prevent this from happening.

You will get feedback that the save was successful in the form of a popup box, unless you have clicked a checkmark on the popup box saying “Don’t Show Again,” But I’m working on a much better system for v3 which will allow you to make and save multiple custom presets, so this should be a non-issue.

Oof, sorry about that! In that case, you may be best to hit “Cancel” instead of “Apply” - when you hit Cancel, it returns everything to how it was before that “session.” But yes, this would be an ideal time to use an “Undo” button.