Results are fine with JPG but banding with raw scans

I recently shot a roll of Phoenix and had a lot of issues with converting the negatives. I had situations where one photo would convert wildly differently from another photo taken in the exact same conditions moments apart. I worked with Shaka to figure out that converting the JPG yielded a normal result but the raw files had weird magenta banding. I’m not sure if there is some sort of camera profile issue or what. I’m using a Fuji X-T100 to scan.


There could be a few things going on:

  1. The in-camera JPG probably might be doing a better job of lens vignetting removal. You might want to look in Lightroom and see if it was able to detect and apply the proper lens correction profile. If it has already applied a profile, it might be worth trying it off.
  2. The in-camera JPG conversion is darker (because it has a brighter, non-linear profile already built in, and once converted, it appears darker). This may just be making the banding less apparent. I would recommend opening Negative Lab Pro on the RAW image and turning down the brightness a bit.
  3. The color balance is a bit off on the RAW conversion… I would recommend going back into Negative Lab Pro and increasing the Temp and maybe adding a little more green to the tint until the two images are closer to each other.

But honestly, that JPEG converted really nicely. Sometimes, bad methods get good results when the mistakes happen to align in the right direction!

Hope that helps!