Roll analysis not working / "large exposure variance"

Hi all,

recently I’m having issues with roll analysis. I’m scanning Kodak Vision3 500t on my Fuji X-T4 + Artisans 60mm 2.8 + Valoi easy35 and mostly get the “long exposure variance” error.

When clicking though the roll, 80% of the shots look better when switched to the single image mode instead of roll analysis. Otherwise the colors are totally off, mostly to warm (red shadows, overall too yellow WB).

Also, most of the shots are taken at night. The roll itself has a consistent “shooting style”.

Any ideas what I could do to get more consistency with the roll analysis tool?

Bildschirmfoto 2023-12-08 um 13.17.28

For reference and to take daytime photos as an example. With these shots I struggled what I should choose. The yellow ones are “roll analysis” and the blue ones “this image only”. Both options don’t seem quite right.

You will not get very good results with Roll Analysis if you haven’t digitized them using the same exposure… this is why I strongly recommend setting your exposure manually on your digital camera when digitizing, so you can be sure that the exposures are consistent throughout the roll.

Also, just looking at your roll, make sure you have set the “Border Buffer” high enough so that none of the non-film area is showing in the preview before converting… if any of that area is showing, it could also significantly throw off the results (you could also just crop in closer prior to converting all of them, but it is typically easier to use the border buffer).

Hope that helps!

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Hey Nate, thanks for your feedback!

Indeed I didn’t use manual settings, good point. Will try that going forward.

Border buffer is at 8% and cuts out all borders in the preview, that should be good already.