Scan with image already converted positive

Hello guys, I have a doubt/problem while scanning film with a V600 scanner, I use vuescan with the settings I found here on the site from the guide and I don’t know why I already get the positive reversed scan, I would like to have the negative in order to transform it with the NLP plugin , can you help me ? where am i wrong?

I’d re-chech the vuescan scanning guide again and verify that everything is set as described. I suppose that one of the many settings is not what it should be.

In order to get a negative from a negative, you should scan as positive/transparency. If you scan a negative as a negative, the scanner software will convert to positive (minus times minus equals plus).

I had the same issue:
with the latest Vuescan update, it’s no more possible select Image as Media type. Vuescan force you to convert the negative as positive :frowning:
Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 14.51.15

OK, I just figured out how to “trick” Vuescan:
Just select Color as Media type :smiley: