Settings for tethering X-H! via Fujiflm X-Acquire?

Scanning film w/ my NS and NLP setup. I have latest version of FujiFilm X-Acquire now compatible with latest Catalina I have 15.4. I have X-Acquire and LR Classic connected per instructions, including making Photos and Files/Folders available to X-Acquire. I must have some setting wrong or failed to connect/disconnect a setting. I’m using a TetherTool cable. No success in connecting camera.I am unable to find a Tethering setting on the X-H1. Thoughts?


I have a pretty similar setup (X-Pro2 rather than X-H1). I use a Mac - you didn’t specify what type of computer you’re using. You might already be aware of some or all of this, but just in case.

  • x-acquire operates independently from lightroom - unless you setup an import watch folder in lightroom. They’re still completely independent but you can scan an image and have it automatically imported to lightroom.
  • Troubleshoot x-acquire separately first.
  • double-check the usb tethering config on your camera.
  • unfortunately xacquire doesn’t give you much in the way of troubleshooting dialog. if you have the camera configured properly, and xacquire is running try another cable directly attached to the computer?
  • How long is your cable? when i first started with it i found that i needed a longish (10’) cable to reach my workspace from the computer. That long cable did not work - the camera just flashed endlessly trying to transfer. I used a shorter usb cable attached to a powered hub and it’s worked perfectly since. Start with a short (3’ cable directly attached to your computer and just see if you can get xacquire to function. then build from there.

FWIW: CapOne 20, Cap Pilot. dl and load em both. Connect X-H1 via TetherTool cable. Enter CapOne, go to Tether. Follow the instructions to create connection to camera. Once done, take a picture of each fame. I use NegSup, so it’s a no brainer. Unfortunately it does not allow live view for within CapOne unless I’ve missed a setting, and I may well have. Make sure X-H1 Live view does not turn off. Create a file into which you can load the pics of each frame. I just created a file for my desktop and dl’d the scanned pics into that folder. You can skip that step if you want to do the inversion from within CapOne. I did not. So, I stored the scanned pics into that folder.close out CapOne, opened LR Classic 9.2, imported pics from the folder on the desktop. From that point I used NLP to do the work. X-Force Acquire is a pain in the ass for me and I didn’t want to pay the money for the other options given that they were rated so poorly. HTH

MacOS Catalina 15.4, 9.2 LR Classic. Cable is 12’ IIRC, maybe 15’. FWIW, converting negative works well from within CapOne. And thanks for your reply, I now get to go outside to do some photographic exercise at the Philly Art Museum steps and environs. Just gotta find a lab to send em to for developing. take care, folks

Try a shorter cable I was stumped at first with the long cable too It worked well (and very quickly) with a 3’ cable - but that’s too short of a cable for me to actually use. I made 6’ cable work by moving things a little bit and it works reliably and quickly.

I’d start there - and then YMMV on the auto-import. I’ve tried it and don’t use it but if it works for your workflow it can be good.

  • I scan a bunch of rolls of film using xacquire to drop them all in a folder.
  • I shoot a blank (white) frame between rolls.
  • Then when it’s time to take a break from shooting i import each roll individually so i can assign the right meta-data present and rename files on import for each roll.
  • As part of that import i set white balance and crop on a roll by roll basis.
  • after i’ve imported all the rolls i shot i run NLP on everything since it takes a while and then adjust accordingly.

That works pretty well for me, it kind of slows down the scanning process but when i stop after each session i’m in a more complete state than i was if i just scanned and imported.

Hi John,

thanks again for your detailed reply. So far, using Capture Pilot to “press” the shutter, thence to record it on the card, and then either just upload the negative to NLP via LR Classic 9.2 or, play around with it within C1, is working well for me. I’ve got Meta35 on my purchase list so I can upload the meta data from my cameras and then access it from then to assign to the scans. Since Meta35 does not any longer work with Mac 32bit systems, I have to upload it via my Windblows 7 Pro, so I’ll just have to load in the metadata manually.
take care, anthony