Tethering X-H1 to NLP 2.1

I await my Pro-Riser from NS. I want to tether my X-H1such that I can operate the camera via an app on iOS 13.x. I’d like to be able to import photos of my film directly into NLP on LR Classic. I’ve played with Fuji Camera Remote and it sucks.

Any recommendations?


There is a Lightroom plugin for tethering your Fuji X series camera, BUT, you have to pay for it, and it doesn’t get the best reviews…

What I do is use the free Fujifilm X Acquire app to tether capture directly to my Mac, then set up an “auto watch” folder in Lightroom. So everything that is captured in the X Acquire app gets immediately imported into Lightroom.

This guy has a nice video on the process here:


Hi Nate,

Sadly X-Acquire is incompatible with Catalina 15.2 and my just now dl’d 15.3 :frowning: :frowning: Cascable for iOS doesn’t work either, and of course Fuji’s Cam Remote sucks as well, although I have gotten farther along with Cam Remote than the others.

thanks again, Nate, I’ll just import directly from X-H1 to LR Classic and then process through NLP.

Take care, anthony

Have you tried updating X Acquire to the latest version (Ver.

According to their update notes, the latest version of X Acquire supports Catalina.

The software update Ver.1.15.0 incorporates the following issues:
Compatibility with “macOS 10.15 (Catalina)” is added.

Yep, from some of the scuttlebutt on the various sites, MacOS 15.2 broke it. In any case that’s the X-acquire download I’ve been trying to install. It’ll get fixed. I’m still awaiting my Pro-Riser, so not in a hurry.

take care

FWIW, since I have C1 20, I simply dl’d Capture Pilot, installed it on my iPadPro2, and went through a YouTube rendition of Phase One’s protocol about how to set up the “server” to activate using CP to acquire photos from my C1 20 app - BAM. Works perfectly. Just now have to grab up a USB-C to micro-B connector to put my X-H1 into the C1 20 Adjustments panel, and I’ll be good to go. The camera module is a $15 add-on. HTH, anthony