Several clicks needed on "Apply" to clear NLP board

On NLP 2.4 and LrC in MacOS I now have to click several times to make the “convert” board disappear.
The solution is to keep the finger on “Apply” longer than for other tasks

Hey – Did you update to v2.4.2 already? If not, you should try that first.

Right, but I don’t see how to process. All I see is the “Free Trial download” page but no download link
EDIT: clicked the download window but did not get the link.
I find the updating process a bit cumbersome

2.4.2 didn’t change anything to the issue. Thanks anyway, I appreciate.

Try resetting the preferences of Lightroom. This saved a lot of headache for me with other issues. Might help here too.

Here’s how: How to set Lightroom Classic preferences

If you have custom settings, you will have to set these up again afterwards. Same for custom keyboard shortcuts.