Sharpening Post-Capture - Best practices? Tips?

Howdy y’all

How do YOU sharpen your Camera Scans? Emulsion differences in: positive, negative? I know there are personal preferences but just looking for a good baseline. I have lots of B&W negative and color positive.

Adobe Camera Raw / Photoshop: Amount, Detail, Radius, Masking settings

My baseline is:
Copy stand, Canon R5, Sigma 70mm ART, cross colimated sheets on a CSLITE, tethered

Texture +15-20
Clarity 0
Dehaze 0

Amount 75
Radius 1.2
Detail 50
Masking 15-30 (to not sharpen grain in pure blacks but perhaps this is the wrong approach)

Hey – Here’s what I’m doing

Amount: 80 - 120
Detail: zero – I never use this (problematic with Fuji X-Trans RAWs)
Radius: 0.5 - 0.8

Instead of Detail I tend to use Texture, if the photo needs more sharpness. Something between 15-25, depending on subject and general film sharpness.

Hope this helps.



Definitely hope more people chime in, too. Want to see more recipes to compare. Hoping to find nuances.

After much testing and fiddling for slide film

Texture +15-20
Clarity 0
Dehaze 0

Amount 85
Radius 0.9
Detail 50
Masking 15-25 (to not adjust for the blacks on the rebate or slidemount)

Noise (on slide film)
Luminance- 0

Color Noise - 35-60 depending on the type of chrome - High ISO has a more obvious color cloud of dyes (rather than explicit grain) that the bayer sensor seems to struggle to smoothly interpret where a traditional scanner or drum would not. Easily corrected now.
Detail - 25

Everything coming out even better than before. Too much masking previously unevenly sharpened the grain/dye cloud that could sometimes be visible. Now I am adjust just for pure white and black very gently.

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I use LrC instead of Phtoshop
Amount 80
Radius 1
Detail 20 maximum
If needed, end with Dfine from Nik collection

This approach seems uncommon, but my preference is that I set sharpening and noise reduction always off in lightroom for my raw scans.

I scan pretty much only 120 & 35mm color negs with Nikon Z5 + Micro Nikkor 105mm/2.8 AI-s.

I don’t prefer the way lightroom sharpens the grain, at least on my setup, go figure. :man_shrugging: I do use output sharpening at export though, that seems fine to me. Not exactly sure there’s a difference between raw sharpening and output sharpening. My assumption has been that output sharpening is some basic unsharp mask type thing and raw sharpening is something else that I just don’t like, not at all sure though.

On the other side, I find that noise reduction takes away the qualities of the film grain that appeal to me, so that’s why that’s off too.

For social media I sometimes use some
sharpening, like in instagrams edit view before posting. For prints I do sweat over sharpening in photoshop a lot, but I rarely ever print so that’s a lot of guess work.