Sigma 105mm vs. Sony 90mm macro

As you know, Sigma recently launched a new 105mm F2.8 DG DN MACRO Art lens.
I watched these reviews and was shocked by the image performance of the new Sigma lens. :disappointed:

I am considering selling a Sony lens that has been purchased for less than a month and buying a new Sigma 105mm lens.
I bought a Sony lens only for camera scanning purposes.
So AF speed or OSS is not an important factor for me… :roll_eyes:

I’d not jump ships so quickly, just because of someone posting something on youtube…

A lens can work miracles on one camera body and look bad on an other. Also, lenses are put together from many parts which can/will introduce sample variations. The same holds true for cameras and attaching a lens to a camera can make variations add up or cancel each other out. Moreover, differences can come up depending on distance, aperture settings etc. Most lens tests are not made at macro distances, so the results you get at different distances might be different too - or not.

If you want to spend more money for a lens that might be better than what you already have, I’d propose to get the new lens first and see if it really tops your current lens. You can then always return the “bad” lens after your tests.

I agree with your opinion and thank you.

I am not an early adopter. Anyway, I did several tests with the a7R IV and a 90mm macro lens, and for 4x5 films, I had to take two shots to get comparable results to Hasselblad/Imacon sacnner. But I still think Hasselblad/Imacon captures more fine detail and I’m thinking that the new Sigma 105mm lens will completely fill this detail and gap.
Phew… :disappointed: