Sony Imaging Edge - “Remote”. Focussing resolution?

I’ve used an ɑ6400 and currently an ɑ7c tethered with “Remote” to digitise negs and slides. When I use the maximum magnification to focus, the image is “wormy” compared to the actual captured result. I was wondering if cameras with higher viewfinder resolutions such as the ɑ7RV display better in “Remote”? Or even other applications like “Capture One”?

FWIW — I use an A7RII and I also have never found the Remote tether viewfinder to be super useful. Unsure about newer/nicer viewfinders, though.

Thanks very much for the post Owen, it is useful information as the A7RII has a greater viewfinder res than my cameras. I wonder whether the “Remote” resolution is dependant on either the viewfinder or LCD panel of the tethered camera?


I also have an A7RII. I use its remote HDMI to a large screen all the time. I think it is by far the best way to focus. I use the manual focus setting on the camera with the greatest focus magnification. I rack the camera-with-lens combination up and down to focus (changing only the lens to film distance). When I see the “film grain” the sharpest it is in focus.

@davidS @Graham I think there are other factors that haven’t been mentioned yet that also affect how the electronic viewfinder behaves during scanning. For instance, sturdiness of the copy stand. Like David mentioned, method of focusing also affects this — focusing by using the camera lens to focus vs. focusing by moving the whole camera unit up/down on the copy stand.