Strange artifacting after conversion

Can anyone help identify why I’m getting this strange blue artifacting on my images after conversion. I do not see any light leaks or any issues with chemicals/development on the negative itself. See crop of area below:

Can you share the original raw photo that you converted? Or a screenshot of the same crop before converting?

Here is a screen shot of the unconverted neg. Light source is coming through a doorway + a large softbox just off camera.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 3.59.15 PM

Looks like some kind of damage on the negative…not sure if these little lines are parts where the negative has deteriorated and are letting light through, or if this is actually on the surface on the emulsion.

The blue leak/overexposure is visible in the negative image as far as my eyes are telling me. I would just chalk this up to a damaged negative and a light leak as a result.

I forgot to mention these are 4x5 negs and those marks are the clips from development. I suppose you could consider it damage but standard for all 4x5. I’ve tried cropping the marks out and adjusting the border buffer some to see if that helps. If I keep playing with that will that make a difference or is that not how it’s interpolating information outside of the cropped area, etc?

Hmm interesting. I really don’t see it to my eyes. I’ll take a closer look when I’m back to my office but I’m almost certain there is no light leak as I don’t see anything weird in the film border. I suppose there is definitely more light hitting the ground in that corner but it’s on dark concrete floor so I’d be genuinely surprised if that overexposure would create such extreme color casts vs. say highlight on my subject’s face (where there is no artifacts.)

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Ahh, that makes sense.

Hmm, ok, if you keep that whole section during conversion, does it still render this way?

What happens if you click the “reset” button in the settings? Does it improve? Is it possible you have a preset applying some highlight toning?

Was the digitization overexposed (or underexposed) to the point of losing some color information? This sometimes happens and you can see artifacts like this.

Ok thanks for these suggestions. I’ve played around a bunch more with resetting the default settings back to NLP standard and also trying a bunch of different crops and border buffers. I can successfully make a conversion without this blue artifacting with a reset and zero crop. It seems like there is some sensitivity to the amount of the border buffer and/or how close the crop is to the edge of the frame. It’s very easy to recreate the artifacts with some combos.

Here is a link to download the raw image:

I’d be curious if you could take a look to see if you can recreate the issue and if you have any thoughts on why some variations of a crop + border buffer create artifacts and others don’t.

Thanks @nate