V3 issues with older conversions


I just updated to V3 and when I go into an older folder (with lots of conversions using the last version of NLP) and go into the Develop module, the images appear faded.

I just unplugged my HD as I spent ages working on that folder and dont want all of my work to be undone. I need to go in and export some images out of this folder for a talk, is there a way to fix this? I just want it to work like before.

Lightroom classic on a mac running Venture 13.4.1

This is what the image looked like before I went into the Develop module.

Hi, the issue is likely a profile mismatch… If you were using a camera or scanner that the previous version of NLP didn’t have a matching profile for, and now that profile is available in v3, you can see this happen. The good news is that your conversions are about to get significantly better!

I’ve added more info below in the V3 issues and fixes thread: