VALOI vs Kaiser Film Copy Vario

And opinions of either?

Without having any of them, I’d prefer the Kaiser with its proven book design that has been used for a long time in enlargers. Having to push film through “the eye of a needle” could scratch the film’s surface, specially with 120 film.

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Valoi just love it ! there be no scratches nor on 120 or 135 it works very well.


I recently upgraded from the EFH to the Valoi system and it’s all I wanted!

Easier to use due to wider insert slot and the S curve film guide. The knob is great and holds the film really well. The screw in feet are perfect to adjust the focal plane to be exactly parallel to the camera.


How well does it perform with the end frame of a 35mm strip? Particularly when the image goes very close to the cut end?

David Hoffman

Hey David.

I have not tried it yet like so. I ordered my film uncut to scan with ease, and never went back to scan a cut role in such condition, as of yet. Hopefully someone else here can answer you that.

Not the Valoi but similar, I sent back my Negative Supply holder and replaced it with the Kaiser because the Neg Supply couldn’t hold the film flat enough. Happy with the Kaiser now.