Very Green Hues - Cannot Resolve This Image

Hey there film enthusiasts. I am not sure why, but with this one image I am working with, I cannot get NLP to resolve this image. It basically just looks entirely green. I followed all directions though, and have been using NLP for some time. For some reason or another, I just cannot get a workable image here. Here is the original image, if anyone can give it a whirl.

Thanks a lot everyone!

Hi, I cannot access your Google Drive - it is saying I would need to ask for access. Feel free to email me directly at, or you can change the folder settings on google drive to allow access to the file.


Hi Nate,

Perhaps this will work now? I changed the settings in google drive.

I have found that if I adjust the white balance in camera to match the amber film acetate the color is a bit better but still casts weird colors. This is regardless of shooting in JPEG, RAW, or TIFF.

Thank you for the timely response.

Riccardo Mui