VueScan Batch Option missing?

Hey, I am trying to scan some 35mm film with VueScan and an Epson V500 Photo scanner. I try to follow the negativelabpro scanning guide. Everything works smoothly but I have one problem that I can’t find an answer to: I can’t find the Batch scan option! In the guide screenshots and everywhere else this option appears under the “Bits per pixel” button. In my version (VueScan 9.7.88) however the “Batch scan” button is simply not there.

Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks in advance!

VueScan has the often confusing behavior that it hides options until other required options are selected.

Try checking the Multi crop option (Crop tab) to see if it causes Batch scan to appear. That was true for a quick test with my V600.

Thanks so much, that solved the problem for me as well!