WB options don't always function

I thought this problem was fixed over a week ago by rebooting, but problem has resurfaced. Possibly 'cause I am scanning more this week.***

I am using LRC 13, Sonoma 14 on a MAC Studio. I am scanning with a Canon R5 and RF 100mm L macro.

For the last week or so when I convert an image the WB choices don’t always work. If I choose MIX, warm, Kodak, etc I get no response except 0s in the sliders. It isn’t Sonoma 'cause I just did the update last night. It doesn’t happen on every image, but at least a couple per roll - different cameras & film stock, totally random.

At first I ignored it, but it is happening too often to hope it goes away on its own. I have rebooted several times already hoping that will do something.

Help please how do I fix this.

Hi @mecsmyth ,

Can you check something for me? If you go to the “Roll” tab, can you check what the “Analysis” is set to? If it is not set to anything, try setting the Analysis to “This Image Only” and see if that helps.


Sorry I am slow to respond Nate. And yes that does work. Goodness knows what I did when I first uploaded V3 in my excitement to get going. Probably did a roll analysis and then changed my mind. I’m not a very technical person when it comes to some of this and I am not one to read instructions first I just dive in. I have been scanning now for almost a year (with all Negative Supply gear) and your product has made the transition from having my lab both develop & scan a pleasure. I will always have my lab do the developing since they do a fab job leaving me time to shoot!
It is superb software BTW. thanks