What is WB Density?

• What is WB Density?
In the ‘Advanced’ tab of Negative Lab Pro there are 3 optional settings for WB Density:
Add Density
Neutral Density
Subtract Density

• Is ‘Add Density’ the default setting?
• Is the WB Density setting relevant to B&W negative conversions?

Thank you!

Hi @catch,

You can learn more about this in the Negative Lab Pro guide here:

White Balance density controls the impact of White Balance adjustments on the tonality of your image. (You may not notice any difference here if you do not have a high color balance correction.)

  • Add Density - Adding yellow or magenta to the color balance will make the image slightly darker (similar to print).
  • Neutral Density - The overall tonality will not be impacted by changes to white balance (easiest for editing).
  • Subtract Density - Adding yellow or magenta will make the image slightly brighter (similar to Lightroom’s white balance).

Yep, it’s the default out of the gate, but you can always change the default

It will only have an impact if you are using the white balance “Temp” and “Tint” sliders. So generally, it will not be relevant to B&W negative conversions, unless you are adding toning via the temp and tint sliders.


Hi Nate,
Thank you for explaining, and the further information, much appreciated!