White Balance and border buffer

I haven’t tested it extensively yet, but it seems that white balance options (none, neutral, auto warm etc) are considering the entire frame and not taking into consideration the “border buffer” setting.

Please disregard this post. I believe the problem is with the scene and not knowing exactly where the border is.

Ok. I am revisiting the issue.

Please take a look at the images. It looks like WB is not taking border buffer into account.


Converted with border buffer 15% WB None (OK!)

Converted with border buffer 15% WB Neutral (does not look neutral to me)

Original (no borders)

Converted with border buffer 0% WB None (OK!)

Converted with border buffer 0% WB Neutral (looks ok to me)

Hmm, thanks @photogeek - that’s odd.

Just tried to replicate the issue you had with 15% border buffer and “Auto-Neutral”, but it worked just fine, so not sure why what you are seeing is so different…

Here’s what I see with 15% border buffer and “Auto-Neutral”:

Which is more or less exactly what I see when I crop first and then have no border buffer.

I am still in trial mode, and the version I am using says 2.2.0 and there is no advanced tab.

@nate BTW, I installed an older version and the issue is not present.

Very strange. Nothing should have changed between versions in regards to how the border buffer is calculated internally… also, in my own test of this image I was not able to reproduce your result… I had the same the result whether using border buffer or manually cropping in. So my guess is you may just have had a weird anomaly with image - perhaps the metadata got corrupted for instance.

Feel free to email me the original RAW. Or even better, if you select the image where this has happened, you can go to “File > Export as Catalog”, and send me the whole “catalog” that contains the image converted with NLP v2.2 (where the auto-netural white balance is too warm). But exporting as a catalog, I will be able to open it up in NLP and get a better sense at what is going on…

Thank you Nate.
I will send you the RAW file.

@nate I have encountered exactly the same issue. It seems the auto white balance does not take the border buffer into account.

I am using the latest version of NLP with Lightroom Classic 10.1.1 release (Camera Raw 13.1). My OS is Windows 10. I mainly use TIFFs, but I downloaded the sample RAW dslr scans on the website, and I was able to reproduce the same result using the first file _DSF8434.RAF.

Thanks for confirming @printer!

I’ve been able to find the issue and this will be fixed in v2.3.