Would an old CCD Camera make any difference?

Okay. So this question is bugging me for a few days now.

Would an old CCD camera (like a Nikon d200) make any difference in colour when scanning neagtives?
Does anyone of you have any experience or conversions they would like to share?

I would like to keep the discussion on the colour aspect, please.

Welcome to the forum @ChristianHolemy

Whether the sensor technology makes a difference regarding colour or not is hard to say because we’d need captures of the same thing taken with the respective sensors. And even if we could find a way down that road, we’d be hard pressed to decide if the colour differences that might exist have been caused by the difference of technology, or different colour filter arrays, or in-camera-processing etc.
If you took a colour checker and built respective .dcp profiles and applied them, the results should be more or less the same.

Coming back to your question

The answer is “probably yes

I still have a Canon PowerShot G2, which has a CCD sensor, and I could compare takes against the ones taken with an EOS R7… but I don’t see a reason to test for something that seems irrelevant. But … If you give me some reasons, I could reconsider.

Oh dear. Such a simple answer and such an elaborate answer. Thank you Digitizer.

I never really did .dcp files and have no experience with it to be honest. But I see your point.

So to understand you correctly you say that we will not really be sure what might cause the difference but there might be some if we were to use let’s say a sony ccd sensor or a Kodak ccd sensor or a Foveon sensor?

I’m thinking that you might have a Nikon D200 with its CCD sensor, could I ask you a question in that case? If you were photographing a particular scene how do you see your D200 pictures differing from those taken with an equivalent CMOS sensor camera? I’m assuming that you would see a difference otherwise it’s unlikely that you would have asked this question so is it subtle or can it be characterised? I strongly suspect that any subtle differences will be, as it were, lost in translation, once put though NLP or converted from colour negative in any other way.