Zero Sharpening Option

I would like to see a zero details -> sharpening, luminance- and color noise option in the drop down list


Me too. Essential in emulating Lab scans in my opinion is the ability to turn all sharpening off.

Is the expectation that this setting would zero out all the settings in Lightroom’s detail panel? Or that it wouldn’t manage/overwrite the detail setting that you set in Lightroom manually?

In v2.1, I plan to have the following:

Sharpness: OFF (this will be the new default state. It won’t overwrite your manual sharpness settings in LR)
Sharpness: LR Default (This will reset sharpness to Lightroom’s default sharpness settings)
Sharpness: Zero (This will zero out all sharpening / noise reduction)
Sharpness: Lab (current emulation of lab sharpening)
Sharpness: Scan (current emulation of home scan sharpening)


Both options make sense. You could do anything after using NLP, but this way more confortable. First leaving your own settings untouched and second overwrite all detail settings with zero. Background: I´ve noticed in my “Scanner scans” that reducing color noise will result in an unnatural chunky looking way regarding color. I only can avoid this behaviour when I scan with better sampling (wich I guess is the most effective way of noise reduction). So yes your future settings cover this case :slight_smile: THX

Sounds great Nate to have options! Cheers! NLP just keeps getting better and better…

Guess I’m confused as to how the sharpening works. Does it just set the detail sliders in LR a certain way?

Yes, it is ultimately just setting the details sharpening sliders in LR… it attempts to do this somewhat “intelligently” based upon the dimensions of the image, so it is a little smarter than a traditional preset. The issue currently is that when you have the sharpening turned on, the plugins maintains a “synced” state with the settings, so if you try to adjust the sharpness sliders in LR directly, your settings could be overwritten the next time you open Negative Lab Pro on that image.