Sharpening options when re-editing a file

The new sharpening option to leave the settings unchanged is great, but…
My workflow is something like

  1. Convert negative and set sharpening to say, lab.
  2. Go back to lightroom and make some small changes, perhaps adding a sharpening mask to avoid over
    sharpening the grain, or other minor tweaks to the detail tab
  3. Go back into neglab to tweak something that I’m not quite happy with
  4. (forget that I now need to set sharpening back to ‘leave unchanged’
  5. curse that I’ve now got to re-do the sharpening adjustments.

It would be really nice if there were a setting that said, only do sharpening on initial conversion and otherwise leave the settings unchanged.

hmm… let me think about this…

A ‘sharpen this time only’ tick-box would probably do it. Then the tool would ‘save’ the setting as ‘leave unchanged’, but do sharpening on this run