Ability to make positve copies has just stopped

after converting 1000’s of negatives and making postive copies to further adjust in Lightroomthe abiltiy to make positive copies has just stopped. Can somebody explain why this may happen ? I’ve shut down and restarted Lightroom and the computer. Using Mac and Lab pro v 2.3.0

Welcome to the forum, @mccoywynne

Did you (or an automatic task) change anything on your Mac? Update an application or macOS? Add software that interacts with Lightroom? Other things?

Other than that, have you tested if re-installing DPL?

I’ve just tested - and it worked as expected on iMac 2019 and macOS 12.6.

Thanks for the response. I feel a bit stupid because after restarting etc. I realised the hard drive that contained my files was almost full and had no space for making the positive copies. Now using a new hard drive with plenty of storage !!

Things can be really simple…once we found them.