Auto Light Settings in Lightroom - Workflow guidance

I have been editing all my photos over the last 2 years (at least 60 rolls) with a very convoluted workflow. I use NPL with Lightroom Classic for just colors and then export at about 10mb per image into JPG. Then I upload to Lightroom Web and continue editing from there (all light such as exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks and other things such as, texture, sharpness, saturation and other settings). I partially do this because I upload all photos directly to my adobe portfolio website and originally I was capped at 20GB but now I have 1TB. I realized that it would be better to export after doing everything in Classic and possibly much faster, however I very much like to use the “Auto” button and then modify the results as I find it saves me a ton of time. If I press the Auto button in Classic, everything gets out of whack and looks crazy dark. I assume this is because Classic is not analyzing the output from NPL? When I upload the JPG to web, the Auto button works great because it is analyzing the output from NPL.

My first guess is that creating a positive copy is the solution, which is explained here:

However, is there a better workflow that does not require making positive copies? The link above explains the benefits of not creating a positive copy. I can manually adjust all my settings in Classic, but as I mentioned, I prefer to Auto and then change the Auto settings slightly.

One idea for a future feature (unless it exists and I missed it) is for NPL to have an auto feature that acts similarly to the Auto in lightroom.

Any recommendations on workflow would be greatly appreciated! It takes me about 2-3 hours to edit 36 images and I would love to make this closer to 1 hour.