Problem with auto WB

I am just learning my way around but have found that sometimes Ctrl Alt N seems to fail to get the App running (or perhaps I am too impatient?) Anyhow repeating the command has caused Lightroom to shut down and restarts in a new catalogue Nn. what is happening? I also find that intermittently if I am trying batch operation that I cannot get the Auto White Balance to work more than the first image. Is it a dependent on whether you are in Library or Develop? I find that it is better to shut everything down rather than trying to press on. Again is it something I am doing?

Hi @lubber !

See the notes on working in batch mode in the guide:

When you are in batch mode, you can also begin editing your images. But just note that only the “master” image will be updated with your new settings. This is both to save memory, but also to keep you from accidentally making unwanted changes to other images.

For instance, let’s say that all of your conversions were too bright. If you have all the images open, and start bringing down the brightness in NLP, only the “master” image will change brightness. If you want all the other images to change brightness as well, you will need to hit the “sync settings” button, to bring these specific NLP settings over to the rest of the images.

I’m guessing that is what you are seeing.

I’m assuming you are on Windows? Yes, it could take a few seconds to activate, especially if your LR is running slow. If it isn’t working at all, make sure that you have the hotkey running. The hotkey will stop running every time you restart your computer, unless you add it to your startup folder.

See more notes on the HOTKEY in the installation guide:

Hope that helps!

Nate sorry for not seeing your reply I did not get the message. Setting up lightroom to do an auto white balance on all of the images before using NLP seems to do the trick. I am still not good enough to recognise which Images I need to sync so I go back and evaluate each image individually. Sometimes I have to use the lightroom controls in conjunction with the NLP.