Blue Noise in shadows

Especially with underexposed Negs I get heavy Blue Noise in the shaddows. Litteraly all the “black” area is covered in blue blothes of color. To the extent it almost looks like shaddow peaking is on.

Looks like you have turned on the clipping feature in Lightroom. Just press J and check the little arrows around your preview window. :wink:
With J you can turn the clipping information off in Lightroom Classic.

yeah thats what I said. It looks like it, but its not!
btw since its inverted the clipping should be red since its the highlits

Hi @DOS9570

Would you mind emailing me the RAW file of this negative? You can email me at It would help me diagnose what is going on here!


This happens a lot to me when the negative is very underexposed, I don’t know if there is a way to have consistent “faded” but accurate colors on these underexposed negatives. Sometimes the conversion gets it right but most of the times it has these strange casts that are not fixable in the settings in NLP….maybe in the curves in Lightroom but it is not a practical and efficient process

Hi @fcacais,

Would you mind sending a RAW sample of a negative where you have this issue to me at Or at the very least, if you can share more about how you are digitizing your photos, it can help me asses what may be happening.

You can use the “Lab Fade” and “Lab Glow” settings to treat underexposed negatives more similarly to how lab scanners deal with underexposed data. This should at least produce less visible noise. I would then recommend looking at the “highs” and “shadows” color sliders (particularly the shadows color slider) to address strong color casts on thin negatives.

Hope that helps!