Cannot activate subscription in Lightroom CC

I’m trying to activate the subscription. However, Lightroom keeps saying “ERROR: Could not connect. Check internet connection and and turnoff firewalls”. Issue still persists after turning off firewalls. (I’m using Windows 10 and Lightroom cc)
Any suggestions on how to solve this?

Open your Adobe Account in a browser and see if account settings, profile and activated gear etc. are what you expect. In your account, you can reset activations too, maybe this helps.

Contact Adobe for support if it doesn’t work.

Have checked those in Adobe. Everything is normal. I also contacted the lightroom cc tech support and they said it might be an issue from the negative lab pro side. Still not sure how to solve it. Thank you anyway.

…are you talking about activating NLP in Lightroom or activating Lightroom itself?

I suppose you have read the guide?

It’s activating NLP in lightroom cc…
Yes, I did.


  1. Can you let me know the exact release of Lightroom you are running? If you’re not sure, you can find it in Lightroom by going to “help > system info”

  2. Can you let me know what country you are trying to register from? Certain countries block traffic to my payment/license provider (, in which case you may have to use a VPN to direct traffic through another country.

  3. Can you see if you are running any programs like “LittleSnitch” or “RadioSilence”?