Problem with activating NLP in Lightroom

I have been using NLP with Lightroom Classic for a while and love it. Today, I was editing a DSLR captured film negative and all was well. I decided to redo changes to one photo so I hit the reset button and the image reverted to a negative. When I tried to activate NLP with ctrl N, nothing happened. I rebooted my computer and still no luck. I have verified that the plugin shortcut is in Lightroom.


Hey! Just ran into the same issue and figured it out. I had to revert to version 10.4 of Lightroom Classic for it to work and had to re-enter my license key after reverting. You can downgrade your version in the Adobe Cloud app, just click the three dots to the right ofLightroom Classic and select ‘other versions’.

I can’t execute your download in the Creative Cloud. No three dots appear to the right of Lightroom Classic in Creative Cloud. I am running version 11.1 and cannot activate NLP.

I actually tried to uninstall and reinstall NLP 3 times, and on the third try it worked. I also rebooted multiple times. I believe that there was a corrupted code stored in my computer and it finally was purged. I am back to normal now. Thanks for the comment.

Hi there, did you find a solution for this? I’m having a similar problem! Thanks :slight_smile:

I uninstalled NLP, shut down my IMac about 2-3 times (because it did not work on the first try) and reinstalled NLP and it has been working well since. I am not sure what the problem was in the first place, and I am not exactly sure if what I did actually worked. Regardless, everything seems to be ok now.