Lightroom http 404 error when trying to enter license key

I’ve been getting this message all day, it worked once and now it keeps putting me into a trial mode and keeps giving me this error code, anyway to fix?

This usually means that there is an extra blank space at the end the license you submitted (most common reason) or that the license was pasted to an intermediate program (like Microsoft Word) before pasting into Lightroom (and that the intermediate program changed the dashes from “-” to “–”.

In either case, just copy/paste directly from the email into Lightroom and be sure that there are no empty spaces at the end. Version 2.2 will have a solve for this so it will no longer be an issue.


Pasting from the email directly, without extra spaces, did not help. The activate key remains gray and nothing furher happens. Tried several times. Any ideas to try? Pentti

Addition: When activating NLP I get the message: “An internal error occurred. There is something wrong in CryptUnprotecData”. If I reset LRc to initial settings and paste the activation code and then press the key it remains gray and nothing happens. I also note that I had to activate NLP several times after starting LRc in the next session. This is probably due that my computer (W10) for some reason fails to memorize passwords (and presumably the activation key as well?). So I wonder if the activation code has been used up? Is there any other way to resolve this issue than receive a new key?