HTTP 500 When Authorizing Plugin

I had an issue with NLP on Lightroom Classic (Windows) 11.44, where invoking the plugin for a negative would result in LR freezing and needing to be killed in task manager.

I uninstalled LR and have just reinstalled, but upon trying to add my license key, I’m getting red text ‘AUTHORIZING… PLEASE WAIT…’ a few seconds later followed by ‘ERROR: HTTP STATUS: 500’

I copied and pasted the key into notepad, then copied and paste from there, so there shouldn’t be any unexpected control characters etc.

Hi @Enhance ,

Hmm, that’s the first I’ve heard of a HTTP 500 status. Usually that means there is something wrong with the server itself.

I just checked and it worked fine on my end, so it could be that the server was temporarily down. Would you mind trying again and see if it goes through this time?

Make sure that you are connected to the internet and don’t have any firewalls or traffic-blocking apps open.

Also, I should note that in some countries (like China) you will need to use a VPN during authentication.