Recently purchased serial won't authorise

Hi there,

Have just recently purchased and the serial refuses to authorise when inputted in Lightroom. Has anybody seen this before?

I’ve blacked out my serial number, obviously, but it would be great if someone could help?


Hi @jackford

That usually means there was a temporary server connection issue, and most often it will just work if you try again later. (Make sure you are connected to internet first).

It could also mean a couple of other things:

  • If you are trying to authorize the license from a country that is blocking “” then you could see this issue. This happens, for instance, in China (thanks China!). In this case, you would need to use a VPN to direct your internet traffic through another country.
  • You could see this is you have some kind of internet blocking software on your computer (for instance “little snitch”) which prevents the connection from happening. In this case, you would need to turn off any internet blocking software that may be running.

But again, I would just try again later and see if it is working.