Can't Complete Installation of Update

I get the same error message when I try to install the latest update.

I keep getting that error message.

I’m on a MAC, using MOJAVE 10.14.6. I reset security preferences to accept a non-APP Store app.

I’d appreciate any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong.


If you go back into the plugin manager (file > plugin manager), if you scroll down to the bottom of that main screen there, it should give more details about the Negative Lab Pro version and status, where it is installed, and maybe any errors it is encountering. If you could take a screenshot of that, that would be very helpful.

Also, if you’re on LR 2015, make sure you are on the last release they made for that (I think it was 2015.18?)


Hi Nate,

Let me try again. I attached three screen shots the first time, one for each step. Here is the screen shot for what you asked for.


Hmm… I only see one image in your post, and you have not scrolled down in it…. you should be able to scroll down in that window and see something like this:

OK, I now understand (takes a while). I had to click on the arrow by Negative Lab Pro to open the Status window (didn’t know it was there). It looks like my download of 2.2 is enabled.

Sorry for making this such a painful process. Love the software though I don’t use Lightroom very much. I’m a confirmed fan of DxO.

Thank you for your help.