Can't open NLP anymore (AutoColor 2.0 analysis required)

Hi there,

I was using NLP (v2.3.0b) without any problem until today.

Now i have the message “AutoColor 2.0 analysis required / You must unconvert then reconvert this image to enable AutoColor 2.0”.

It appears on any picture if I try to launch NLP. It happens on pictures already converted and on pictures not converted. I can only click OK but it doesn’t bring the interface.

I am on Mac (10.13.6 ) with LR Classic CC (7.0.1) and nothing changed since this bug appeared.

I tried to reinstall NLP but it doesn’t change anything.

What can I do?


Hi @Francois1

  1. Can you go to “file > plugin manager” and scroll down till you see the version number of Negative Lab Pro. Can you confirm that it says “Version 2.3?” If you are upgrading from a previous version, it may be possible that it is still inked to the prior version.

  2. Can you confirm that this still happens even if you only have 1 image selected (and not a group of images)?

  3. Can import a completely new negative into Lightroom, and see if you still receive this error?

  4. Are you able to upgrade to a new version of Lightroom Classic? It’s possible that 7.0.1 contains bugs in Lightroom’s SDK which were later fixed.


  1. Yes 2.3

  2. Yes it happens even on 1 picture selected

  3. If I import a completely new negative in LR, NLP is opening fine.
    It looks that the problem happens if I try to open NLP on a picture that was already converted with a previous version. After getting this error once, I have it every time I try to open NLP on every picture. I have to restart LR to be able to launch NLP again.

  4. I can try to upgrade yes


I have updated LR to 8.4.1 but it didn’t change the problem. There is still some pictures that brings this message and I have to restart LR to accces NLP again. The only workaround I found is unfortunately to delete and reimport the problematic pictures.

Thanks @Francois1 for your answers.

  1. Can you confirm if this happens in while in the “develop” module? Or if it only happens while in the library module?

  2. Can you select an image where this is happening, and go to “file > export as catalog” like image below, then email that full catalog zip to me at This way, I can take a look at the metadata, and see what is going on.

@nate - I’m experiencing the same issues as of today. It’s weird. I can convert them, but I cannot re-enter NLP to make small tweaks as I could before.

Lightroom 11.1 (via CC)
NLP 2.3 (checked via LR Plug-In Manager)

One workaround I had to do earlier was to use LR to reset a batch of negatives I was working on, and then re-convert them using NLP, but then afterwards, I could not enter it again to make additional edits as before. This is happening to me in both the Library and Develop modules.

I am running MacOS Monterey 12.0.1 on a 2021 M1 MacBook Air.

Thanks @leicaboss

I’ve been able to diagnose at least part of what is going on and should have a fix shortly for you to try.

In the meantime a few things that may help if you are in a rush:

  1. Try removing the negatives from Lightroom (not deleting, just removing from Lightroom) and then re-import. And see if you still have this same issue (NOTE, if you are working with DNGs by chance, that may not help).
  2. Try using the Develop module rather than the Library module in Lightroom.
  3. Try setting the White Balance dropdown in Lightroom to a static profile (rather than one of the AutoColor profiles) before closing, and see if that enables you to reopen.

I can’t get NLP v2.3 to work on my fully loaded M1 Max with the latest Lightroom. I get an error message on all previously edited images that say, “AutoColor 2.0 analysis required. You must unconverted then reconvert this mage to enable AutoColor 2.0”. I tried removing it from the Catalog and reimporting it and still nothing works. I Reset the image to its original state and still I get the error message. Clearly the update did not uninstall the previous version and now I can’t edit NLP. HELP!

Hi, I’ve been able to replicate and fix this issue. The fix will be in version 2.3.1. I can send you a test if you need one.


Thanks Nate. Much appreciated. It’s working now that I cleaned out the Library and reinstalled it. So I’ll download the new version when that’s available. Good work. And thanks for being so attentive.

Experienced the same issue (but wouldn’t want to rule out user error here, as I just accidentally did some pretty erratic stuff on my keyboard). Anyway, I was too lazy to operate the images out and back in Lightroom as suggested; I just restored a TimeMachine backup of the LR catalog. Worked like a charm and may be a quick solution when it’s not too much work to be thrown away.


Having the same problem again with v2.3 not working on previously edited photos. The “AutoColor 2.0 analysis is required” error pops up every time. Nothing I do will make NLP work anymore. Is 2.3.1 working yet?

No issue with NLP 2.3 on LrC 11.2 on macOS Monterey 12.3.1 on M1 MacBook Air 2020.

I’ve just run into this problem too on NLP 2.3, LRC 11.3, macOS 12.3.1 with VueScan DNGs.

New imports work fine but I am unable to edit files that were converted with previous versions of NLP. I’ve tried “Reset” on the images followed by “Update VueScan/Silvervast DNGs” as well as removing the files and re-importing.

Hi @aperturepriorities and @silverlarry I’ve just sent you PM’s to try a solution.

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not sure if i tapped the wrong key but this now happening to me as well. v2.3. happening in both library and develop modes but inconsistent with the number of images selected. selecting a large batch will always prompt the error. (i haven’t done any software upgrades or changes and it was working normally yesterday)

i also got this error in relation to the AutoColor 2.0 required @nate
Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 4.42.22 PM