Conversions coming out very thin when batch converting

Not sure what is causing this but when converting 3 or more negatives at a time it will result in all of my conversions being very faded and flat.

This has been happening after the v2.4.1 update. The only way around it is converting the negatives one by one but if I try to do multiple it does this. The second pic is when i convert one by one.

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You may want to revisit the download page and update to v2.4.2
Several bugs have been addressed with the latest update. This should resolve your issue.

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When I reach the download the page I only have the option to download the free trial? I had only received the download link for 2.4.1 in my email.

The link in your email will be fine. Hit that one and you’ll find the latest version of NLP available for download. It’s a free upgrade and is available to you.

That seems to be it thanks!