Could not write photo for analysis

I have seen a few threads with no real answer to this error. I have narrowed it down on my system and hoped maybe a fix could be found.

Screenshot 2023-10-22 110722

My R: drive in my case is a RAM Disk, I use ImDisk to create this. I have been using this for year, 5GB and my temp folder is here. This does indeed speed up my system (especially scanning with VueScan). I have increased the size of the disk to 10GB in testing. Once placing my temp folder on a Magnetic HD this error goes away. I can’t imagine it is a “permission issue”, every other program from PS, LR, Chrome, VueScan, everything uses the temp folder without issue.

Yes I was able to work around the issue but putting the temp folder on a regular disk. It is a hassle to do this for one program and was hoping someone had some ideas or a fix.

I am using the latest trial version, with/without roll analysis. I did not have this issue with the 2.x version.