Metadata write error

I keep getting this metadata error. Once after cropping and white point. And then again after converting my negatives. I followed the instructions to update DNG preview and metadata. And then it told me to read metadata. I did that and then converted negatives and then it’s back again?
I’m new to this. this is actually my first roll of scans and while I’m learning a lot this is the one thing I got nothing for

Hi! Just closing the loop on this since it was handled one on one.

If anyone else has this issue after using the “File > Plugin Extras > Update Vuescan/Silverfast DNG” utility, make sure you are following the instructions to run “Photo > Read Metadata From File” after running the utility.

The issue here I believe was that the user ran “Update DNG Preview and Metadata” after running the utility. Doing that will result in this error.


I get this error too. Although yesterday I only did one photo conversion at a time and didn’t see the error. It seemed to correlate with the upgrade of the newest version of LRC.