Error when TiffPrep


I try to use NLP for conversions of a so called DT files from the Creo scanner
These should be linear Tiffs. However, every time when i use Tiffprep utility it ends with an error!
Meanwhile file is prepared, but annoying message appears on every processed file

31.01.2022 21.09.17 0011

Please find below a link to the linear DT file

A link to the ICC profile indended to viewing DT files correctly in photoshop
contains exact gamma transformation


I believe the issue here is the use of restricted characters within the file path name. Here, it looks like you have a folder named “#CSAN”. Having the hashtag (or any uncommon character) in the folder name will cause issues with exiftool (the program that is updating the metadata).


Hello Nate!

Unfortunately, the error remains, even, when the file is in the simply named folder

01.02.2022 22.15.28 0012

Can you reproduce the error with the file attached to previous message?


Just tried the file on my system and I could not reproduce the error.

Another possibility - did you happen to add any custom metadata prior to running Tiff Prep?

Other than that, it may be something specific to your system or setup. Other than the error message, does Tiff Prep still work?



It’s a strange that you have not produced the error, these files certainly contains proprietary creo metadata

I described my Tiff Prep Behaviour here