Essential Film Holder with Viltrox 116t Light Source for DSLR Scanning

In case you have a 3D printer, here is a modified Viltrox 116t light source mount, along with a frame for the EFH. This build has really made my set-up super easy, level and stable.

Cool, Thanks for sharing the plans

I haven’t got a 3D printer (as yet) but I now have a list of things I “need” in the mean time mines made of wood with a felt lined film pocket at each end to hold the film while processing.


Do you have an image of the setup with the light installed? Also is there an increase in heat that builds up in the unit? And does this plastic housing attract extra dust with static electricity?


This is awesome.

I just got this light delivered today and I’ve been trying to figure out different ways to hold it flat.

Thanks for sharing

Great design ! Can you share the original design so that we can switch the imperial threads to metric ? (or, make suck a version available). Thanks !

Hi, is it possible to get the model (not stl), in order to do some modifications ?

Just an update, I recreated this part from the stl as I could not get the original model. It turns out it does NOT fir the L116T with the current battery, it has to be modified

Sorry if I missed this. I shared the stl file originally, but here is the tinker ad file.

And yes, this only works with a power supply.

Thanks to the person who created this design, and to those who made it available here. I just printed it out, it fits very well. But I have a problem finding adjustable feet in 5/16 inch (I am in Europe). Has anyone using the metric system tried with M8, which would be the closest? Or if you have a link to buy 4 screw-in feet in the right size without importing them from the US, that would be great.

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Glue it onto a perforated piece of metal and use suitable screws?

5/16 UNF bolts of different types are readily available in the UK (I assume the thread is UNF rather than UNC). Furniture feet might be nice but I would have thought bolts or ‘cap-heads’ would work just as well.

Searching for “5/16 unf” and “5/16 unc” on got me a selection of screws, that could possibly be used. Check the specs of the holder’s threads…or simply by sets of each type.

I did not anticipate that finding these would be so hard :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the tips, I will try to adapt something.