Essential Film Holder

Hi all!

Hope everyone is doing okay out there!

Quick one but did anyone order a Essential Film Holder and was there a delay in getting yours sent out to you? Been two weeks now and still no word of any delivery date? :S

I ordered in mid-September.
And I received an email that it will be sent soon. :grinning:

Andrew is getting far more business that I think he expected. Also, there are all kinds of snags in the international shipping. I think mine took almost a month to get here to the States.

Exactly what @bags has said. He has been featured around in the internet and because of that he got way more orders. He sent a mail explaining his delay and process a while ago, while my order was still in the queue. He his a one man operation and he tests the whole assembly himself. Every single one of them, so currently he cannot offer the same shipping time he initially announced. For me it took 2.5 more weeks to reach the Netherlands.

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I payed the EFH (135 & 120) Sep 19 and received today the e-mail that the parcel is on its way to me :slight_smile:

Believe that in 4-5 days will be right in my hand here in Italy… so happy and a bit hectic to try the film holder

I ordered EFH (135 & 120) on September 13th, and I finally got an email saying it had been sent a few days ago. :grinning:

Today I finally got the Essential Film Holder(EFH-09-KIT & 120 Borders) here in South Korea.
It was a long journey over 40 days. :airplane:
Very well made, solid and beautiful.
Also, the quality of the plastic is very good.
I was impressed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Still waiting a month here… :slightly_frowning_face:

Mine arrived, around 4.5 weeks after ordering. Very nice piece of equipment. Works really well!!

I ordered mine at the end of December. Let’s see when will it be delivered

I ordered mine 9 weeks ago. I still have not heard anything.
If you need this thing now, go for something else.

Yeah mine has pretty much stopped updating as soon as it hit New York. Haven’t gotten an update through the post yet. I just assume it’ll show up one day. I’m glad Andrew got a lot of business, but the timing with the US Postal service was pretty bad. I ordered it sometime in November I think. Maybe October.

I ordered the EFH v3 on Feb 2 from Andrew based on his sales email. On March 4 I got a dispatch update, and received the EFH in SoCal on March 12th. For me, that met expectations, and I was fine/pleased with communication, packaging and delivery timeframe
I got the EFH-09-KIT… PLUS 35mm Slide Mask Bundle sale price of £95 instead of Normal Price of £90 GBP + £17 GBP = £107 GBP

My question - has anyone looked into using the EFH and camera in a horizontal setup?
I have an APS-C camera and APS-C 60mm macro lens that only needs just over 3" from front of lens to negative (just under 8in from camera tripod mount screw location to negative). So I was thinking of getting a focusing rail and mount my camera on one end, and the EFH to other (have to come up with L-bracket, or ??)

I’m thinking my options are

  • asking Andrew to custom make a lower metal panel/plate (the one below the top mask) that extends such that screw holes could be drilled to direct mounting to end of a focusing rail… but this seems too rail specific [and therefore not worth Andrew@EFH’s time]
  • or an L-bracket. then issue is attaching to EFH. I could see:
    • getting longer metal (vs original plastic) screws holding the entire EFH unit, and using the extra length as mounting points; or
    • trimming (or getting shorter) on the white spacers between the layers in the EFH (diffuser, middle, and top mask) and using the resulting space on the screws to attach a plate/bracket (with a central opening that obviously wouldn’t block the light source to negative to lens area)