Essential Film Holder

Hi all!

Hope everyone is doing okay out there!

Quick one but did anyone order a Essential Film Holder and was there a delay in getting yours sent out to you? Been two weeks now and still no word of any delivery date? :S

I ordered in mid-September.
And I received an email that it will be sent soon. :grinning:

Andrew is getting far more business that I think he expected. Also, there are all kinds of snags in the international shipping. I think mine took almost a month to get here to the States.

Exactly what @bags has said. He has been featured around in the internet and because of that he got way more orders. He sent a mail explaining his delay and process a while ago, while my order was still in the queue. He his a one man operation and he tests the whole assembly himself. Every single one of them, so currently he cannot offer the same shipping time he initially announced. For me it took 2.5 more weeks to reach the Netherlands.

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I payed the EFH (135 & 120) Sep 19 and received today the e-mail that the parcel is on its way to me :slight_smile:

Believe that in 4-5 days will be right in my hand here in Italy… so happy and a bit hectic to try the film holder

I ordered EFH (135 & 120) on September 13th, and I finally got an email saying it had been sent a few days ago. :grinning: