How to change default Advanced Engine Settings

Hey Team;

Hoping for a little help… I’ve been wanting to change the Advanced engine settings to make a new ‘default’ for conversions, however, every time that I do a conversion it will go back to an old standard. Specifically, I am trying to change Color density to remain as Neutral density and Color Method to Linear fixed. Anyone know how I can make this the default?


Tried it too…and NLP would not accept the new default/preset.

Moreover, the two checkboxes “Soft Highs/Lows” don’t sync.

NLP 3.0.2 on Lightroom 12 on macOS Monterey on 5k iMac 2019


This works for me, so please try and let me know if this doesn’t work for you:

  1. Get your settings the way you’d like them
  2. Click the Preset Dropdown, and select “Create New Preset”
  3. Name your preset what you’d like, and select the appropriate settings
  4. After creating the preset, click the preset dropdown and select “Make Default” to make this preset the default.

This is what I would recommend so that you don’t overwrite any of the NLP included presets, in case you want to get back to them later.

Alternatively, if you just want to adjust the "NLP Standard’ preset, you can click the dropdown and select “Update ‘NLP Standard’” after you’ve made your edits. Be sure to select the appropriate settings. Then click the dropdown again and select “Make Default” (may be a flaw in the design but if the user has not specifically set a default, it will always use a hardcoded internal default rather than the file itself).


That is perfect; thank you so much Nate!

It does work…the problem I had was, that the new preset is not visible, but in a submenu of the dropdown…so I thought the preset was not created. Once discovered, I set the preset as new default and (almost) all is well now.

Almost? The status of the checkboxes for soft highs and soft lows are still not part of the new preset and I have to click them image by image. I’d be happy if you could add said boxes too, @nate .

Yep, similar to how presets are organized in Lightroom, the preset you create in NLP will go into whatever folder group you specify during the creation (or, if no group is specified, it will go into the “User” group).

Yep! On my “to-do” list :slight_smile: