I don't know what has happened to Neg Lab Pro

I have been happily using Neg Lab Pro with great satisfaction. However recently had trouble updating my Lightroom Classic this ended up with it freezing and crashing my computer (Windows 10). When I got back on an even keel I found that Neg Lab Pro no longer works. I don’t know whether it is just the shortcut to start it or if the whole thing needs to be reinstalled. Having forgotten everything I did at the beginning I don’t know where to start. What do you suggest I should do.

I have to report that it is actually working now. So I do not need any help. However there are changes… Thus I see no change in appearance of the negatives when I switch to auto from as shot. Additionally I find that after the original conversion there is no change in the negatives. Nor after the acceptance of the new state of the images. It then becomes necessary to click on each raw negative to reveal the converted image. I assume these changes are coming from the upgrade to lightroom classic. However I should add that the end result is even better than before… Superb.

Recent Lightroom updates have included performance improvements, some of which are achieved by how and when thumbnail and preview images are recalculated and redrawn.

Check out Lightroom settings and adjust them to your taste.