Lightroom Sync to Mobile for TIFF Copies

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NLP is ace, I scan the whole roll as a DNG in Silverfast, import into Lightroom and process with NLP. I recently setup the profiles so they sync across to Lightroom Mobile, although Im still trying to iron out the kinks of it displaying the correct file in Lightroom mobile as I seemingly have to manually set and rest the profile in order for it to display correctly.

Anyway… when making a stacked TIFF copy of an image in Lightroom, is there a way to get the stacked TIFF to automatically sync too if the original DNG file is synced?


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Any help or advice with this one at all? @nate ? :blush:

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How did you setup the profiles to sync properly to Lightroom Mobile? You are talking about syncing the original DNG’s correct?

W/regards to your question, I believe you will have to export any changes you make on your stacked Tiff file.

Hey @izaacc

I found this on syncing profiles:

Whilst it answers half of my issue, no one has still been able to answer the remainder of my problems such as Lightroom CC displaying the correct profile automatically or even auto syncing of TIFF copies .

Fingers crossed an answer comes up to the other half!

Apparently this bug has been reported to Adobe but they haven’t fixed it:

Really annoying.

Thank you for that @brendan at least it’s logged and (hopefully) being worked on by Adobe!
Now to see if it’s possible to get Negative Lab Pro to sync the stacked tiff copy it creates to all corresponding collections the original DNG appears in.
That way you don’t have an image in your collection showing a stack as 2 and only physically having 1 image (the original DNG) in the collection.
It’d save you having to go back to the drive section, finding the original photo, finding the stacked TIFF, adding that into your collection and syncing it.
That’d be super useful and a time saver unless anyone knows of any quick workarounds? @nate ?

I found a solution to at least update the previews. If you log in from the lightroom android app and upload your nlp profiles, you can make a small change (ex: tiny “heal” mark") on one image, and then paste the changes to other images.This forces the previews to update using the correct profile. This only works from the Android app, not lightroom web and not the desktop apps.

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