List of stock options/settings (Edit->Settings) seem to be missing


I’ve been using NLP v3 for a number of months without issue. Recently, in a youtube video I saw where the person brought up NLP 3, I saw that there was a list of default options/settings in a pulldown menu within the “Settings” category “Edit” screen. When I select “settings”, there are no options from which to choose.

What can I do to install the default options in the settings menu?

Thanks for your ideas about this…


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Im having this exact same issue. I recently learnt that its meant to have some default profiles/settings but I do not have any.

Any help on resolving this would be great


Have you tried completely uninstalling and then reinstalling NLP?

Your edits will remain unaffected by doing this. You should probably remove the licence key when you uninstall.

Here are the default settings in the pulldowns of the Edit tab on my Macs:

The settings should be put in the respective folders by the installer.

Yes I’ve tried this (remove via the menu in lightroom and re-install with the installer) and it made no difference. Still no settings:

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 16.47.28

@nate sorry to tag you but have you got any idea whats going on?