NLP Enhanced Settings - beta installed?

Did “NLP Enhanced Settings” presets get installed when I tried the beta version? I’ve returned to the stable version 2.1.2 (?) and I have a folder full of presets I don’t remember seeing before.

Can you post the path to “the folder full of presets” so that others can check what they have?
Alternatively, you can check when these settings appear in time machine.

Yes - the mac installer for 2.2 will add a “NLP Enhanced Settings” preset folder (and windows users have instructions in their readme file to add these presets). This needs to be there for 2.2 to be able to call the enhanced profiles with the appropriate LUTs and strength (there isn’t a way for me to do it directly in the SDK).

They aren’t intended to be used directly by users, but rather for Negative Lab Pro to call them up automatically as you select the LUT and strength settings in Negative Lab Pro. You could of course use them directly outside of Negative Lab Pro, but you may get some unintended or odd results, and your manual selections could be overwritten if you re-open NLP on a file.


OK, thanks, I’ve disentangled myself from the beta so I’m going to delete these.

You seem to be saying they need to be in the presets folder but they’re not for the user’s use. That’s confusing because they turn up next to all my presets which - as are all presets - designed and placed in that folder for my use. Can they really not be somewhere else? I foresee trouble down the line as people find they mess with settings, as you already know and I discovered for myself!

Oh, hang on. Someone will be along in a minute to suggest ‘hiding’ the NLP presets. Right-click on the presets list and ‘Manage Presets…’, this brings up a list where you can untick to hide whichever presets you don’t want to see.


They’re in ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings

Thanks. As Nate has stepped in, I’ll let you two do what is necessary to get you back on track.