NLP Profiles Explained

Hi, can someone explain what are these NLP profiles for.

I have two profiles in Profiles folder: Negative Lab v2.0 and Negative Lab v2.3

Also, I have two folders: Negative Lab Pro and NLP Enhanced Settings.

Are they intended to be used from the Profiles panel, or from the NLP interface? I understand they chances as you change the settings in the NLP UI.

Or am I wrong, and they don’t have anything to do with NLP UI, and should be used separately, as every other profile.

I just want to understand, because I have other profiles that I really use, and I have these NLP profiles that I never touched from this panel. I want to understand their purpose and how should we use them.

All the items mentioned can be used by NLP as needed.
Without these items, NLP can’t do its job properly.

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Yes, I get that, but is it just for the NLP to use them through the NLP interface, or I can use them separately in any scenario? Should I?

If you like, you can use the .dcp profiles in any app that will accept them. Doing this can reveal interesting experiences. Try it and see for yourself.

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I see, it changes the LUTs and predefined saturation levels that you can change in the NLP interface, but this may be more convenient because you can preview them all quickly, while in NLP interface you have to click one by one.