Missing icons in NLP 2.2.0 window

I am using Windows 7, Lightroom Classic 9.4, NLP 2.2.0, a rather outdated grfx card. Acceleration is off.

When I open NLP, the window seems to be missing icons and colors.

Not sure if this is normal for my rather old computer. The img folder for the plugin is present.

Thanks for suggestions.

Hmm… are you still able to click where it should show the cycle button?

The “⟳” icon is actual just text. It’s possible that Windows 7 just doesn’t have it. Other than that, it just seems to be missing the “color picker” icon. Can you still use the color picker or does it not work?


Yes, clicking works. Which text font or ASCII code is this? I’ll check my fonts.

The picker image is also not shown but picking works.

On the tabs for the mids etc the colored icons are also missing.

With the 2.1.2 version of NLP everything looks ok. So a fix, if it is a bug within NLP, would be nice.

However, 2.2.0 seems to work ok.

Additional screenshot