V2.2 WB Color picker issues

I use this feature a lot (with the graphics processor turned off) and it’s great, but I’ve noticed a few odd issues:

  1. When using the Color picker, I find that loading NLP (via hotkey) gets progressively slower on subsequent images. After using the Color picker on, say, 50 images loading NLP gets so slow that I need to exit LR and re-start. After this NLP loads quickly again, but as I continue to use the Color picker, the slow-down continues as before. It seems as if some resources are not being released after the WB change is applied.

  2. The Color picker doesn’t work in the Develop Module, only in the Library.

  3. Very occasionally, clicking on the Color picker box brings up a colour palette instead of working as usual. Cancelling and opening NLP again fixes the problem. It hasn’t happened often enough for me to identify the circumstances that might cause this.

Has anyone else encountered such issues, and found solutions?

Quantifying the slow-opening issue - further testing of the color picker function.

I selected an image and then repeated the following sequence of steps: open NLP (CTRL-ALT-N); pick a color; apply.

At first, opening NLP was instantaneous; after 20 cycles of the test it took about 1.5 seconds to open; after 40 cycles it took about 3 seconds to open; after 60 cycles it took about 4.5 seconds to open.

When I closed and re-started Lightroom NLP opened instantaneously again.

I haven’t come across this issue with any of the other functions. For example, I tried a similar test, just setting a custom color balance (with the sliders) each time, but I did not notice any slowdown in the way NLP opens. So, it seems clear to me that something is wrong with the color-picker operation.