NLP very slow to open

Recently I’ve noticed it takes a long time for NLP to open when selected from the Plug-in Extras menu.

The files I’m trying to open are already converted, and are 18MP DNG files from a Canon 700d (about 26MB).

When you click on NLP from the dropdown, a dialogue box pops up instantly and only for a split second, then there is about a 5 second delay before the full plug-in dialogue appears.

System info:

Lightroom Classic version: 13.0.2 [ 202311290958-8ff975ea ]
Windows 10 - Business Edition; Version: 10.0.19045
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3700X
16GB 3000MHz RAM
NLP 3.0.2

I’m using a slightly outdated version of LR because in a recent update they broke tethering support for my camera.

Thanks @edbr ,

Do you see this happening when you have a single image selected, or do you find it happens only with multiple images selected?

I have a fix coming soon for a memory / catalog access issue that should hopefully help this…


Hi @nate,

Just tested this and the behaviour is the same with 1, 5, or 36 files. The gap between the first loading dialogue and the main dialogue is approximately 5 seconds, though the loading dialogue stays up for a little longer with more files selected.

My computer was at about 50% RAM usage while running the tests, though I guess I don’t know how much Lightroom/NLP allows itself to use.